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Aqua-Cleen® is a pleasant odor, quick split surfactant used to formulate aqueous cleaners. Based on unique mercaptan sulfur chemistry, Aqua-Cleen® forms macro emulsions, has a high dispersive capacity and displays excellent wetting characteristics. It’s superior detergency makes it a key formulating ingredient. It wets penetrates, lifts and disperses contaminants from surfaces.

Aqua-Cleen® is currently being used in water based hard surface cleaning formulations, surface preparation cleaners for the paint and coatings industry, as a degreaser additive in heavy duty cleaning/degreasing medias used in manufacturing and processing industries, and as a key ingredient for industrial and institutional cleaning formulations.

Aqua-Cleen® is the ideal answer for formulating high-performance cleaners for industry-wide applications.

Container Info

44 lb. Pail(s)

450 lb. Drum(s)