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SULFURTRAP® HT8 is useful to scavenge hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans, sulfides, and other sulfur compound from gas systems or liquid hydrocarbons. SULFURTRAP® HT8 is an extremely fast reacting product allowing for lower levels of treated H2S and where contact time is restricted.

H2S is a highly toxic and poisonous gas that causes operating problems for workers, including severe corrosion and fouling, as well as injection well plugging with iron sulfides.

SULFURTRAP® HT8 can be applied in batch reaction towers or can be injected continuously into the gas streams or liquid product systems.

This product is typically suitable for use under the following conditions:

• pH between 7-12
• Temperatures up to 60° C


  • Hexahydrotriazine concentrate
  • High performance hydrogen sulfide scavenger
  • Can be used in water, crude oil, or gas
  • Very low methanol content
The amount of SULFURTRAP® HT8 required depends on the level of H2S in the system and degree of reduction desired. In natural gas systems, SULFURTRAP® HT8 is typically applied at rates of 3 to 10 liters of product per E6m3 of gas per ppm of hydrogen sulfide.
Suggested use levels for the indicated applications should be verified by trials.