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Extended Life H2S and Light Mercaptan Purification Media

SULFURTRAP® EX is a non-hazardous, solid adsorbent used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and light mercaptans from gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams in batch processing applications. SULFURTRAP® EX is an economical and predictable fixed bed process that eliminates foaming and carryover associated with liquid scavenger systems. Extended bed life, minimal replacement time and reliable operation sets SULFURTRAP® EX apart from other H2S removal technologies.

Patented and used commercially around the world, SULFURTRAP® EX H2S scavenger offers high sulfur loading capacity, long bed life and low treating cost. In addition, its unique physical properties allow the media to remain free-flowing in its used (spent) form, making bed replacement fast and easy.


H2S < 1 ppm. Easy. SULFURTRAP® EX offers industry leading sulfur loading capacity and $ per lb. of H2S removed economics.


  • Easily achieves outlet H2S <1 ppm
  • High H2S loading capacity
  • Minimal replacement time / free flowing
  • Reliably low ∆P
  • Works in H2O saturated or dry gas conditions
  • Reduced workload and waste
  • Works over broad range of process conditions


In typical configurations, SULFURTRAP® EX is loaded into a single vertical vessel, a lead-lag vessel configuration or a parallel vessel configuration where gas or vapor flows through the vessel. The sulfur compounds chemically react with SULFURTRAP® EX to form a safe, stable and in most cases non-hazardous byproduct. Depletion of the scavenger is dependent only upon the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and flow rate through the bed. A small inlet filter or separator is recommended to remove excess liquids just upstream of the SULFURTRAP® EX bed.  Works in dry or water saturated, aerobic or non-aerobic environments. Proprietary process & equipment simulation ensures SULFURTRAP® EX fits the desired application.


  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Equipment design and process optimization
  • Operational advice: startup, unloading, disposal

Proprietary process modeling tools allow Chemical Products technical engineers the ability to quickly and accurately design SULFURTRAP EX processes for new and/or existing applications. SULFURTRAP EX can be used to replace liquid hydrogen sulfide scavenger systems and can also be used as a drop-in replacmenet for existing fixed bed processes. Contact Chemical Products for additional information or assistance.