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PERCO® Catalyst

Mercaptan (RSH) Conversion Catalyst and Process

PERCO is a gas sweetening catalyst and process used to convert Mercaptan (RSH) sulfur compounds in both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons to non-corrosive and odorless disulfides. The PERCO gas sweetening conversion process allows C1-C20 range hydrocarbons to meet product and pipeline specifications such as copper strip, negative doctor test or low mercaptan sulfur (ppm). PERCO eliminates Mercaptan sulfur induced corrosivity and improves odor on all stocks.


Unlike other gas sweetening processes, PERCO is ready-to-use therby eliminating the need for in-situ activation. The catalyst an be used to treat methane, ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline, straight run gasoline., kerosene and mixtures thereof. It offers low pressure-drop, long bed life, simplistic design and operates over a broad range of flow rates and temperatures. PERCO is a reliable long-term solution for the reduction of mercaptans.


  • Easily achieves outlet H2S <1 ppm
  • H2S loading capacity
  • Minimal replacement time / free flowing
  • Reliably low ∆P
  • Works in H2O saturated or dry gas conditions
  • Reduced workload and waste
  • Works over broad range of process conditions


In typical configuration, PERCO is loaded into a single vertical vessel or parallel vessel configuration where the hydrocarbon stream flows through the vessel. The gas sweetening process requires an addition of a small amount of air (O2) added to the hydrocarbon upstream of the PERCO mercaptan removal / conversion treating unit. The air requirement is dependent upon level of Mercaptan sulfur in the stream. The small amount of injected air (O2) is then consumed over the catalyst bed, and the light Mercaptan compounds in the stream are converted to non-corrosive, odorless disulfides. PERCO gas sweetening catalyst for Mercaptan removal / conversion may also be used to treat gaseous streams without the addition of air (O2).


  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Equipment design / Process optimizaiton
  • Operational advice (startup, unloading, disposal)
  • Bed-life follow-up

Proprietary process modeling tools allow Chemical Products technical engineers the ability to quickly and accurately design PERCO processes for new and/or existing  gas sweetening applications that require Mercaptan removal / conversion. Contact Chemical Products for additional information or process assistance.