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TAZ-B300™ Super Concentrate

TAZ-B300 is a heavy duty degreaser super concentrate comprised of an exotic mixture of high performance surface agents and builders, including Chemical Products own Aqua-Cleen® Degreaser Additive. TAZ-B300 was specifically formulated for quick, thorough lifting and suspension of contaminants for easy rinsing. TAZ-B300 can be diluted to match the level of detergency power to the level of contamination creating a highly economical, custom tailored solution for specific applications and needs.

TAZ-B300 has limitless potential uses, but is currently being used in the oil and gas industry for surface washing, process cleaning, tank cleaning and equipment cleaning. It has also undergone years of field trials and testing to meet the stringent technical requirements of the paint and coatings industry for surface preparation and pressure washing applications.

Product Benefits


Water based super concentrate


High efficiency oil, grease and grime removal








VOC compliant

TAZ-B300 meets federal regulations for safe, non-toxic chemicals. TAZ-B300 is biodegradable, non-hazardous and VOC compliant.

Coverage rates vary depending on dilution rate, surface porosity and texture. See Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for additional information.

Container Info

5 gal. Pail(s)

55 gal. Drum(s)

330 gal. Tote(s)